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IllustrationI have been a photographer nearly all of my life. Officially, I began with a pro camera that I received by mail-order while serving in South Vietnam. Through my lens, I searched for what was remarkable and unique… among ordinary people and places. Exercising a natural curiosity, I turned my imagination loose and discovered wonderful photographic stories. I have been doing so enthusiastically ever since, as both a portrait photographer and also as a career television journalist. Having the good fortune to travel extensively around the world, I have developed a global sensitivity to diverse peoples and cultures. It is a unique perspective that allows me to bring out the best in my clients. Each image is crafted to stimulate and inspire.

My dual careers as a regional/national broadcaster and also as a photographer have made me comfortable on both sides of the camera. Yet, I can also empathize with those who are not.

It is a joy and an honor to work with everyone from the shyest child to the most polished newsmakers and celebrities. Yes, I love to photograph family pets, too.

Anyone can snap a photo of what someone looks like. My mission, instead, is to artistically capture and reveal character and personality that tells your story with style that makes you look your very best.

Clients come to me because they want portraits – especially for their home décor or business – that are fresh, real, natural, boisterous, sassy, elegant, powerful, and always personal. They want harmony, balance, first class service, and handcrafted quality that is everlasting. I have been honored by their testimonials and thrilled by their enthusiasm to display Dan Christopher portraits in their homes and offices and share them with those they love.


"You did an amazing job on my daughter’s senior portraits.  Your advice and guidance regarding wardrobe, hair, and makeup was spot on.  The photos came out exquisitly.  These are memories we will cherish forever."  - Angie Bauer

"I can tell you I’m more than completely satisfied with the portraits.  You are indeed a top professional.  Many thanks for a job well done.  You bent over backwards to satisfy my special requests.  I would never hesitate to recommend you." - Art "Perk" Perkins

"I was very impressed.  I have been in the service industry and was very impressed with Dan’s way of making our experience a smooth and no stress experience.  The end result was well worth it and the photo’s are BEAUTIFUL."  Thank you again, Dan. - Lucy Belson

How wonderful and gratifying it is, when clients take their first glimpse of their finished portraits and respond by giving me a big   hug. - Dan

      "I loved the pictures, oh, my gosh.  You made me feel so comfortable.  My friends love it.  I just put it on Facebook and got 120 likes." - Mackenzie Nolan

  "Wow. The pictures are breathtaking. Absolutely beautiful work. Each photo depicts the artist behind the making….each picture also shows quality, care and consideration for the overall lifetime memory." – Dena Stein"Dan, I have seen your beautiful photography for decades now and know how great it is." – Sheri Malstrom

   "Thanks again for the wonderful portraits. We will have these memories on our walls forever. We are especially grateful for your thoughtful, gracious approach to our family, most especially our shy daughter who became completely comfortable with you. God bless." - Misty Porter

   "Dan, your beautiful portraits are the best gift I have ever given and I have ever received. Thank you so much." – Jan Lake

   "You do an amazing job, Dan." – Laura Badcock

   "We continue to enjoy the wonderful portraits you took of our family."– Bill Deiz

   "The portrait is awesome. Thank you for everything." – Michelle Oulman

   "My portraits came out amazing and I really love them. It was a pleasure to work with you." – Alexa Walker

   "We’re happy to recommend you any time." – Allison Lenchitsky


Dan has won multiple-awards for his exceptional photography, including national Kodak Gallery Awards. And he holds the prestigious Fellow of Photography degree from Professional Photographers of Oregon.These include (a partial list):

"Fellow of Photography – Professional Photographers of Oregon"
"Photographer of the Year - Illustrative/Commercial"
" Best Photojournalism Image"
" Best Color Image"
"Best Overall Portrait"
"Best Children’s Portrait"
"Best Portrait of Two"
"Courts of Honor"
"Kodak Commercial Division Gallery Award"
"Best Color All Divisions, Charles Conkling Trophy"
"Judge’s Choice Award"


IllustrationIn particular, Family Portraits, Weddings, Business and Commercial Photography; all image sizes and styles are available. Studio or location.

Our specialty is exceptional family wall portraiture to enhance your home and touch your hearts for years to come.

Blending warmth, personality and individuality, I create portraits for families, children, maternity & infants, and graduating seniors. Pet photography, too. Weddings and engagements are amazing moments for fine photography. Also contact us for exciting portfolios for models and powerful headshots for business professionals. I am available for advertising and commercial photography as well, including architecture and product photography.


Heaven knows, you have plenty of places to spend your money. I don’t want you to waste a penny. Ever. Like you, I clip coupons and look for bargains whenever I can. That way, I can splurge when really important things come along. Like fine art family portraits.

I do not cut corners when it comes to creating portraits for my own family or for my clients. Because the importance of fine, lasting portraits has been proved to me over and over again. The key is not to delay. 

Snapshots are cool. But fine portraits celebrate and preserve special times that will never return. Putting it off, means an opportunity lost and disappointment.

Investing in fine portraits gives immediate gratification with lasting rewards. It confirms your appreciation for what is artistic, for enhancing your décor and for your commitment and pride in family.

When your children are a little older, imagine how much they will appreciate the effort you made to honor the loving memories of their youth. One day, they are likely to want those same images hanging in their own homes. And because I use only state-of-the-art archival materials in the production of my images, your portraits are designed to last for generations. (See Finished Portraits)

Fine portraits are a joy to own and forever-treasures to share.


My studio is perfect for private commissions.  Away from the madding crowd, my residential studio in the Las Vegas, Nevada community of Summerlin is easily accessible from throughout the metro region with free private parking.  The atmosphere is not clinical or sterile, but rather relaxed and casual.  It is a cozy space where children, especially, feel at home, have fun, giggle and are their very best.

While my studio is a homey, professional and private oasis for photography, we can also ‘shoot’ on location.  Whether you want individual portraits or group photography – no matter how big – the great outdoors may be ideal for your session.


My creative portrait sessions are fun, relaxed and spontaneous. Enjoyable… even for those ‘who hate to be photographed.’ Not rushed or intimidating. No two creative portrait sessions are the same in my studio. Each one of my clients is unique and each one deserves a unique experience. I don’t simply recycle old ideas and old poses.

No rush. No hassle.

If you want a mix of formal and informal ‘looks’, that’s what I’ll create for you. If you want multiple clothing changes, we’ll make it happen. Want to bring along special props? Great. Want us to invent story themes? No problem. Care to showcase your passions? Okay. If you run out of ideas, don’t worry, I have plenty.

This is your moment….period. Bottom line, you will look your very best


Business Portraits a Specialty
Business portraits should be powerful business tools, much more than just a photograph of how you look. I believe that a business portrait should work as hard as you do. That means, it must send precisely the intended message. After all, your business portrait may be the first impression someone receives of you. Let’s make it great.

You have seen portraits on business cards or in brochures that are so awful, you would never pick up the phone and call that person. Instead, we craft your look – including wardrobe - to convey your professionalism, your personality, individuality, and especially your approachability. The right business portrait is money in your pocket. As your photographer, I become your partner dedicated to your success.

If it is commercial or product photography that you need, you have come to the right place. Even though the subjects may be inanimate, they should still display personality, function and form. We’ll create images for you that pop, demand attention, and serve your best interests.


If price is your only factor in selecting a photographer - I am going to be frank here – there are plenty of people with cameras who will ‘shoot’ for next to nothing. Then they take your cash and send you off with a CD filled with shots to fend for yourself. Or they may process your images at some discount Internet printing lab that may be cheap but will likely sacrifice attention to detail. You might also be offered some "package deals’ that sound like a bargain with lots of stuff, but do not include what you really want or give you things you have no use for.

While that may be good enough for some folks, chances are, that’s not what you want. After all, you are investing your valuable time and effort for what might be a rare or once-in-a-lifetime professional portrait session.

Clients come to Dan Christopher Photography looking for extraordinary portraits and exceptional value. While many photographers will charge much more than me, my mission for you is to produce museum quality art pieces that you will absolutely love for a reasonable investment. No cutting corners. No economy retouching. No discount labs. No sacrificing quality in any way.

You are welcome to purchase just a single print or a full collection. If your photograph is supposed to go on a billboard along a busy freeway, I’ll help you with that, too.If you are not completely satisfied with your images, I will have them produced again, or schedule a new Creative Session, or, substitute images, or grant a refund. 

Should you especially love an image that you ordered in one size, but wish you had ordered it in a larger size, bring it back and we will exchange it for a larger size. You simply pay the difference.


You will enjoy a generous selection of images from which to choose. For your convenience, we can schedule sessions during the day or evening. 

Your Ordering Session, like your Creative Session, is relaxed with no pressure. Kick back. Have a beverage. I will guide you through an enjoyable, theater-style projection review of your images. Your every question will be answered. All of your options will be fully explained. You will ultimately know that you made the right decisions and why, without winding up with some prearranged, hurried ‘package deal’ that leaves you with something you really did not want or need.

If you like, I will happily come to your home or office in advance of your ‘shoot’ to discuss the design of your images and select the best placement for them. And the best sizes and textures.

We love kids. In all honesty, experience has shown that young children with little patience can distract parents during their important Ordering Session. Mom and dad, this is YOUR time to carefully select portraits you will cherish for a lifetime. So you may wish to let the kids have fun with a babysitter at home.

During your Ordering Session, you will discover a variety of finishes for your portraits. Classic Photographic, Linen Mount, Masterpiece Canvas. Also available and require no framing are Etched Metal, High Gloss Metal, Canvas Wrap, and Bevel Edge.


Museum Quality. We offer multiple-finishes for your portraits; Classic Photographic, Linen Mount, Masterpiece Canvas, Canvas Wrap, Bevel Edge, Etched Metal and High Gloss Metal. Several surfaces need no frames and also are lustre coated so they need not be placed behind glass.

Your portraits from Dan Christopher Photography are crafted with flawless quality from state-of-the-art materials, including natural fiber canvas and archival print stock scientifically tested to last 100 years in home display and 200 years in dark storage. And our MetalPrints represent a new art medium for preserving photos by infusing dyes directly into specially coated, durable aluminum sheet. In fact, your MetalPrint images can be displayed both indoors and outdoors. They will have an almost magical luminescence, available in high gloss, Satin, Sheer and matte finish. MetalPrints are expected to last three times longer than a conventional photographic print.

Ultimately, your portraits will become photographic art pieces well above the ordinary, leaving no doubt that you made a wise investment in images that you will always be proud to own and share.


Feel free to give me a call or drop me a line on my contact page. No obligation. We can talk about my website or my blog. Or, if you wish, let’s discuss creative heirloom portraiture for you and your family…or your business. More of my work can be seen on my photography blog at

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